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YouTube Premium Mod APK 2023 is an application that provides a premium YouTube experience on your Android device. Download and enjoy ad-free viewing
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YouTube Premium Mod APK unlocks the paid subscription features of YouTube for free. This includes an ad-free viewing experience, background play, downloading abilities, and more.

Key Features & Benefits

Some of the standout features of the YouTube Premium Mod include:

Ad-Free Video Streaming

One of the most significant advantages is getting rid of video ads. YouTube’s regular app inserts promotions before, during, and after videos, interrupting viewing. The modded Premium APK provides completely uninterrupted streaming.

No more annoying ads means less frustration and more enjoyment. Watch videos seamlessly without constant disruptions selling products or services. This alone makes the Premium APK worthwhile for many users.

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YouTube Premium mod Apk 2024
YouTube Premium mod Apk 2024

Background & Offline Playback

Another significant benefit is playing videos with the YouTube app running in the background or when the phone screen is off. Regular YouTube stops playback when you exit the app or turn off your display.

But with the Premium Mod, music and videos will keep playing even if you switch apps. This allows multitasking while still listening to content.

You can also use the audio-only playback feature to listen to songs or videos like a music player. It will keep playing with the screen off to save battery life.

In addition, the Premium APK lets you download videos and songs for offline playback situations with no internet connectivity. YouTube Premium Mod APK Perfect for plane rides, subway commutes, or other times you lose signal. You have all of YouTube’s content at your fingertips regardless of internet connection.

Video and Music Downloads

Speaking of downloading, another great Premium unlock is the ability to save YouTube videos and music straight to your Android device storage.

The regular app does not allow this at all. But with the modded APK, you can download any video or song with the tap of a button. Use YouTube’s massive media library, like your music and video collection.

Save your favourite music playlists, episodes from a YouTube series, viral videos, movie trailers, and anything else you want to watch offline. YouTube Premium Mod APK This works great alongside the background play capability.

Custom Video Resolution

The Premium Mod also notably includes choosing video playback resolution. Options range from 240p for saving data to crystal clear 1080p HD streaming.

Select the resolution, network connection speed, and cellular or WiFi data limits per your preference. Higher video quality uses more data, so optimize this option as needed.

Create and monetize a YouTube Channel.

Have you ever wanted to start your own YouTube channel? The Premium APK fully supports video uploading and channel management. YouTube Premium Mod APK Shoot original videos and share them with YouTube’s vast subscriber base, who may enjoy your content.

Not just for personal fun either – once your channel grows in views and popularity, apply to join the YouTube Partner Program for money-earning options. Get a cut of the ad revenue generated by your videos. This is how many top YouTubers turn viral video creation into a full-time career.

Monetization only works with access to YouTube’s premium service. So, downloading the modded Premium app provides the gateway to potentially profitable social video publishing.

YouTube Premium Mod Apk
YouTube Premium Mod Apk

Notifications from Subscribed Channels

Get alerted whenever your subscribed channels release new videos or live-stream events. The notifications ensure you never miss fresh content from creators you follow. YouTube Premium Mod APK This is a helpful feature since YouTube houses millions of different channels.

Stay on top of the newest uploads from your favourite musicians, vloggers, artists, teachers and more. Customize notifications per creator or globally suppress them. YouTube Premium Mod APK Manage recommendations for better channel and video curation to your tastes.

Watch with the Screen Off

This premium mod lets you continue streaming media while your Android device screen turns off. It is beneficial for music playlists or longer podcasts and audiobook recordings.

Rather than constantly tapping your screen, turn it off while the audio keeps playing. It helps maintain privacy, too, when listening to something around others. YouTube Premium Mod APK Enable dark mode as well for even more subtle nighttime viewing.

Safe Kids Section

YouTube provides a restricted section of youth-friendly videos that are teacher-approved and age-appropriate. (Safe for children). Parents can ensure kids access clean, YouTube Premium Mod APK engaging content that protects them from mature graphic media uploaded by general accounts.

The Premium service includes superior kids management and additional video filtering by age group. Select an appropriate YouTube Premium Mod APK threshold of strictly educational videos under teacher guidance. Control what children view while allowing them enriching online learning experiences.

Enjoy Trending Video Content

Never wonder what popular viral videos or music are trending on YouTube. The app’s Trending tab spotlights the most liked and viewed videos uploaded in the past 1-7 days.

Get entertaining content that resonates with millions of other viewers. See which creators and celebs are releasing hot new videos with everyone talking online.

Customize Watch Later Playlist

Find an exciting video but need more time to watch the entire duration right now? Easily save it to your Watch Later queue.

This playlist allows you to create a backlog of videos for convenient watching when you have free time again. Keep track of the video you want to return to.

Library for Liked/Favorited Media

Like Watch Later, the Library houses all media items you previously liked or favoured. YouTube Premium Mod APK It archives your digital collection of favourite or interesting videos to rediscover later on.

Keep sight of great videos you previously enjoyed and want to find again. The Library acts as your personalized best video playlist.

The Premium APK mod unlocks almost all the main features of a paid YouTube Premium account for free, including no advertisements and background/offline playback.

A couple of exclusive features only available with an accurate premium purchase are:

  • Access to premium original shows made exclusively for premium subscribers
  • Cloud DVR for recording live television on YouTube

So, you need to catch up on some niche offerings. But the core benefits – ad-free viewing, downloads, background play, etc.- are the same. YouTube Premium Mod APK Overall, it is an excellent free alternative to unlock YouTube’s premium capabilities and take your video streaming to the next level!

YouTube Premium Features in Depth

Let’s explore the unlocked Premium mod features more in-depth:

Ad-Free Video Streaming

Ads are the most extensive video streaming nuisance. YouTube inserts multiple ads before, during, and after viewing videos on mobile. Sometimes, there are more ads than actual content!

Premium Mod strips all these pesky ads away – enjoy seamless, uninterrupted streaming instead. YouTube still inserts ads for non-premium account holders to generate revenue. YouTube Premium Mod APK They display banners, pop-ups and commercials of varying lengths.

But with a premium account, either paid or modded APK, you avoid them entirely. Some specific ad benefits include:

  • Watch videos with no disruptive interruptions
  • Never see banner or text ads on the homepage/sidebar
  • Videos start instantly without pre-roll ads
  • No ads interrupting the middle of the video
  • Finish videos without multiple post-roll ads after

This makes a monumental viewing difference by not disrupting playback every few minutes. Bryant salt and relax watching videos without loud sounds and distractions. YouTube Premium Mod APK Mood and focus are maintained to enjoy content rather than bracing for more upcoming ads.

YouTube Premium apk Mod
YouTube Premium apk Mod

Offline Video & Music Playback

Streaming video requires loading constant data over the internet, which uses cellular plan amounts or Wi-Fi bandwidth throttling after caps are reached. YouTube Premium Mod APK This limits the ability to binge videos for extended periods.

Downloading allows offline playback for uninterrupted viewing without accruing more streaming data. Works similarly to locally stored movies on a smartphone or notebook.

Premium Mod permits saving both videos and music from YouTube to device storage. Play media offline wherever, whenever – no internet connection required!

Benefits include:

  • Save cellular data by playing downloads instead of streaming
  • Watch videos on airplane trips with no WiFi access
  • Build media libraries from YouTube’s endless catalogue
  • Create playlists and playlists from favorite creators
  • Works globally without coverage thanks to offline playback
  • Helpful in regions with limited connectivity
  • Download overnight on WiFi, then watch the next day’s data

This freedom to download opens up YouTube’s huge media vault for viewing any time, like a personal collection—the perfect complement to unlimited streaming with Premium APK mod.

Background Media Playback

Don’t you want to watch YouTube only with the screen constantly on? Do you prefer audio-only listening to songs or podcasts like music apps?

Unfortunately, the stock YouTube mobile app stops playing video or audio without the app opening and displaying. Premium APK enables continuous background playback both with a screen on AND off.

Massive quality of life upgrade! Play YouTube or other apps in the background browser. Turn the display off while the audio persists. Save battery without interrupting podcasts, music playlists and more.

Benefits include:

  • Multitask with YouTube audio playing
  • Listen to songs screen-off like Spotify
  • Save phone battery life by playing audio only
  • Continue podcasts and playlists with screen-locked
  • Play YouTube like the standard music app
  • Discreetly play songs publicly with the screen off

This gives flexibility to enjoy YouTube audio just like native music apps. Premium unlocks this background behaviour, including playback with the device sleeping. YouTube has become far more helpful now beyond just video streaming.

Unlimited Video Downloads

Downloading from YouTube allows building a media library of clips, shows, movies, music and more. However, stock YouTube heavily restricts the number of downloads daily, allowing only a few videos saved offline at a time.

Premium Mod APK provides unlimited downloading capability without arbitrary limits. Stock YouTube caps daily downloads to dissuade building offline collections and push streaming instead for maximum ad views.

But Premium completely removes any download restrictions, no matter the number or combined size of videos. Save as many as your phone storage permits for expanding your personal media vault!

1080p HD Quality Video

YouTube auto-adjusts video quality based on detected connection speed and strength. Often, this means playing at lower 480p resolutions or higher data usage, even at 720 or 1080p HD. Streaming high-res video eats up cellular data.

Premium APK offers manual quality adjustment from 240p to 1080p HD across connection types like WiFi or mobile data. Conserve data when needed or maximize visual clarity, streaming top-quality footage.

No more buffering at the mercy of auto-selected resolutions. Now, take direct control over optimizations. Get the best possible video fidelity every time.

Ad-Supported Video Royalty Payments

Top creators on YouTube make income from placing ads on high-view videos. When viewers watch these commercials, creators receive royalty payouts from the advertising earnings. YouTube Premium Mod APK This incentivizes quality, engaging content and allows profitable self-employment for popular YouTubers.

However, standard YouTube viewing also means mandatory ads interrupting everyone’s experience. Premium APK keeps the monetization structure intact, so talented creators still get paid from ads…but Premium Subscribers don’t see any of those ads. Win-Win!

YouTube splits roughly 55% of generated advertising revenue with video creators. The rest covers operational costs and profit. This gives funding for creators to produce more content while satisfying viewer demand for ad-free seamless streaming.

Even without paying, Premium APK retains system integrity. YouTube Premium Mod APK Creators earn their salaries from non-premium viewers receiving ads, which allows for sustaining the platform. So enjoy ad-free viewing guilt-free, knowing you aren’t undermining their revenue model.

YouTube Kids Section

YouTube Premium Mod APK Protect children from mature, inappropriate videos promoting adult themes, violence, dangerous challenges, etc, aimed at general audiences with no filters. Instead, take advantage of YouTube Kids, which provides strictly educational quality content under proper guidance.

YouTube Kids was explicitly created as a “safer” (more heavily curated) section of YouTube for minors. All questionable mature content gets blocked automatically, YouTube Premium Mod APK and what remains gets pre-approved by teachers based on enforcing specific standards. Videos must teach valuables skills or provide safe, constructive entertainment – nothing crude or dangerous permitted.

As a parent, you can customize available content based on kid age groups of:

  • Preschool (Ages 4+) – Rhymes, songs, ABCs, etc
  • Younger (Ages 5-7) – Educational cartoons, nature videos, simple DIYs.
  • Older (Ages 8-12) – Slightly advanced learning channels covering science, hobbies, and academics—some vlogging, gaming, and movie discussions.

This allows gradually increasing exposure to broader (but still strictly vetted) content as kids mature developmentally. Rather than tossing YouTube Premium Mod APK them straight into the open waters with all inappropriate videos included, kids get a protected curriculum.

YouTube Kids also has parental controls allowing further customization of availability:

  • Content Filtering – Toggle categories On/Off (Shows, Music, Learning)
  • Search Control – Manage the ability to seek videos directly
  • Timer – Set daily time limits for auto-stopping play
  • Content Approvals – Manually approve individual channels case-by-case

Combine selections based on your child’s viewing history and preferences. Add/block more as necessary over time, adapting to their interests while preventing overindulgence.

YouTube Kids offers the best blend of protection and enrichment possible from YouTube’s broader ecosystem. Kids safely use the YouTube Premium Mod APK platform’s superior interface with tons of content made specifically for their viewing.

How YouTube Monetization Works

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) lets qualified channels earn significant income through their videos. When enabled, YouTube inserts targeted ads within uploaded content. YouTube Premium Mod APK Channel owners then get 55% of generated ad revenue.

This incentivizes the creation of great videos, consistently feeding viewer demand. Income scales up directly with increasing subscribers, views, likes, etc. Some top creators quickly make 7+ figures annually at high popularity levels!

Requirements to apply for YPP per YouTube Policy:

  • 10,000-lifetime public video views
  • 1,000 subscriber minimum
  • Complete page info like channel description
  • Follow all YouTube community guidelines and terms
  • Have no copyright or community strikes

Plus, videos must satisfy guidelines like:

  • Custom thumbnail images
  • Frequent New uploads
  • Consistent average viewer duration
  • Quality production standards

YouTube Premium Mod APK manually reviews channels meeting prerequisites, validating proper content exists with real engagement. Multiple factors are considered beyond just view counts alone.

Once accepted, channels display ads matching the video context. YouTube Premium Mod APK scans content and inserts relevant commercials automatically, maximizing advertiser value.

Demonetized videos lose ads due to guideline violations flagged either manually or automatically by internal algorithms. Videos can get re-monetized after correcting issues raised and getting pre-approved.

Typical YouTube payouts:

  • 1,000 ad views per $1.00+ earned
  • $3-5 per 1000 video views is average
  • Millions of views can generate $300-500K+ yearly

Top YouTuber MrBeast has earned over $54 million on nearly 13 billion views over ten years!

Tremendous opportunities exist for enterprising creators to cultivate loyal audiences in niches others neglect or underserve. YouTube Premium Mod APK removes headaches dealing with platform nuances so makers focus purely on content excellence.

The platform keeps improving with more ways to connect fans and creators. Consider starting a channel around your interests and see where it leads!

Downloading and installing the Mod

Let’s go over the quick & easy download + install steps:

  1. Uninstall any existing YouTube app from your Android device first
  2. Download the APK file from the provided trusted source link
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” in Security Settings to allow sideloading
  4. Locate & open the downloaded YouTubePremium.apk file
  5. Accept app permissions alert during the first launch
  6. Done! Enjoy Premium mod features.

Requires Android 6.0+, just like a regular app. YouTube Premium Mod APK It usually works like an official application with injected premium unlocking coding.

Malicious sites offer fake APK downloads infected with viruses and malware. Only install from reputed sites like, ensuring authenticity. YouTube Premium Mod APK Scan files running antivirus apps to verify security integrity from any unpermitted modifications.

That’s all! The entire process takes just a few minutes. Instantly gain premium ad-free YouTube with no complicated workarounds. YouTube Premium Mod APK Just follow basic Android APK sideloading procedures.

Now relax by watching uninterrupted YouTube movies, shows, clips, music and more!

Why People Love YouTube Premium Mod APK

Let’s discuss why users prefer Premium vs regular free YouTube app:

Ad-Free Experience

Frequent video ads are hugely annoying and disruptive. Premium mod strips them out completely, creating seamless viewing enjoyment.

Multitasking Playback

Listen to videos like music playlists while doing other tasks on your device.

Offline Downloads

Save videos for air travel, commutes and other scenarios lacking internet when you still want to watch YouTube.

Monetize Own Content

Upload viral videos to earn royalty payments once you achieve organic popularity.

Background Audio

Enjoy YouTube playlists, podcasts and music like Spotify or Apple Music with the screen off.

Bandwidth Limits

Manually control video resolutions – Increase quality or decrease data usage.

Dark Mode

Easy nighttime viewing with black UI minimizing eye strain.

YouTube Originals

We paid exclusives and series unlock with mod, although the library is limited without total Premium.

Overall, the Premium mod cracks open the paid experience for free power users wanting more control, choice and flexibility leveraging YouTube’s platform. YouTube Premium Mod APK It’s well worth installing!

YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium

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Working YouTube Mods

Here are some other top modded YouTube apps offering similar cracked premium experiences:

YouTube Vanced – Fully unlocked Premium clone. YouTube Premium Mod APK Background play, no ads, dark mode, + more for free.

What's new

Get the official YouTube app on Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device.

Watch and subscribe
● Browse personal recommendations on Home
● See the latest from your favourite channels in Subscriptions
● Look up videos you’ve watched, liked, and saved for later in Library

Explore different topics, what’s popular, and on the rise (available in select countries)
● Stay up to date on what’s popular in music, gaming, beauty, news, learning and more
● See what’s trending on YouTube and around the world on Explore
● Learn about the coolest Creators, Gamers, and Artists on the Rise (available in select countries)

Connect with the YouTube community
● Keep up with your favourite creators with Posts, Stories, Premieres, and Live streams
● Join the conversation with comments and interact with creators and other community members

Create content from your mobile device
● Create or upload your own videos directly in the app
● Engage with your audience in real time with live streaming right from the app

Find the experience that fits you and your family (available in select countries)
● Every family has their own approach to online video. Learn about your options: the YouTube Kids app or a new parent supervised experience on YouTube at

Support creators you love with channel memberships (available in select countries)
● Join channels that offer paid monthly memberships and support their work
● Get access to exclusive perks from the channel & become part of their members community
● Stand out in comments and live chats with a loyalty badge next to your username

Upgrade to YouTube Premium (available in select countries)
● Watch videos uninterrupted by ads, while using other apps, or when the screen is locked
● Save videos for when you really need them – like when you’re on a plane or commuting
● Get access to YouTube Music Premium as part of your benefits


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