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Why Write For Us Coupan APK

Here at Coupan APK, we are always seeking passionate guest writers who can provide valuable insights into the world of mobile apps and games. As an industry authority website, we aim to deliver the most useful and engaging content to our readers.

If you have expertise in mobile app or game development, reviews, how-tos, tips, marketing, design, or any other relevant topics – we want to hear from you!

Contributing a guest post to Coupan APK offers many benefits:

  • Share your knowledge with our large and enthusiastic audience of app and game enthusiasts.
  • Build your personal brand as an industry insider and subject matter expert. Writing for a reputable site like ours boosts your credibility and reach.
  • Promote your own app or business by including a brief author bio and link back to your website/app store listing.
  • Improve your SEO by getting a backlink on our domain, which has high authority in this niche.
  • Showcase your writing skills by having your work published on our popular blog.

In short, writing for Coupan APK allows you to display your expertise, expand your audience, drive traffic to your own apps/services, and grow your online influence – all while educating our readers with quality content!

How To Create Valuable Guest Posts

We have high standards for writing, and only accept informative, well-written guest posts that offer genuine value to our audience. Here are tips for creating content we’ll love publishing:

Pick a compelling, relevant topic

Choose a topic that fits our niche of mobile apps/games, provides actionable tips, teaches something new, or offers an insightful perspective. Come up with creative angles on popular subjects to stand out.

Optimise for SEO

Include relevant keywords in your title, subtitles, opening paragraph, and 2-3 times through the post. This helps readers find your content and helps us rank higher.

Structure your post well

Use descriptive subheadings (H2, H3 tags) to break up text and highlight key points. Use bulleted or numbered lists where applicable.

Engage the Reader

Open with a hook to draw readers in. Use examples, stats, FAQs, polls, or quotes to bolster your points. Pose thoughtful questions to encourage comments.

Be consistent and edit carefully

Maintain a consistent voice appropriate for our brand. Read through several times to polish the writing. Check thoroughly for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Avoid repetition

Our readers appreciate learning something new in every piece. Avoid repeating points made elsewhere on our blog.

Do thorough research

Back up your assertions with credible sources and facts. Quoting vague claims or hearsay seems amateurish. Link out to references.

Write creatively and informatively

Use conversational language but avoid fluff or filler. Include the details readers need without getting overly wordy. Share your expertise in a lively, engaging way.

By taking this advice to heart, you can craft posts our readers love and we’re proud to publish under the Coupan APK name!

Guest Posting Guidelines and Topics

Guest Posting Guidelines
Guest Posting Guidelines

To streamline the process and help you create submissions we can quickly approve, here are Coupan APK’s guidelines for guest posts:

  • Posts should be at least 1000 words in length. Thorough, meaty content is best!
  • In your email subject line, please include “guest post” or “write for us” so we easily identify submissions.
  • We focus exclusively on mobile apps and games, so stick to topics in this niche. Posts about broader tech/digital marketing/design etc won’t be accepted.
  • Writing should be professional, error-free and well-structured. Please proofread closely before submitting, as we won’t publish posts with consistent grammar/spelling issues.
  • Use formatting like subheadings, bullets, and bolding for skimmable posts. Avoid dense walls of text.
  • Provide facts from reputable sources. Don’t quote rumors or personal anecdotes without proper citations.
  • Cut out repetitive, irrelevant, or promotional fluff just to hit the word count. Every sentence should add value.
  • Include specific details and examples to create comprehensive, insightful posts that teach readers something new.
  • Explain topics clearly for a beginner-to-intermediate audience. But don’t shy away from advanced insights that can engage experts too.
  • All guest posts must be 100% original work unpublished anywhere else across the web. No duplicate or plagiarized content.

Since we receive many guest contribution requests, please allow 3-5 business days for our editorial team to review and respond. If we take longer than 5 days, feel free to follow up – we don’t want good submissions getting lost in the shuffle!

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App Review Guest Posts

Our audience loves detailed, honest app reviews highlighting the pros/cons of new or popular apps. Make sure to:

  • Test the app extensively before reviewing
  • Include proper app store links/pricing info
  • Explain key features and functionalities
  • Insert useful screenshots/videos
  • Provide examples of who would benefit most from the app

App/Game Development Guest Posts

For developers and industry experts, we welcome technical guides or insights into creating great mobile apps and games, such as:

  • Code samples for APIs/SDKs
  • Engine/framework tutorials
  • Design principles and tips
  • Optimization/monetization tactics
  • Marketing/launch strategies
  • Industry analysis and trends

App Marketing Guest Posts

If you’re a mobile marketer, growth hacker, or app store optimization (ASO) specialist, share your expertise on topics like:

  • App store SEO and metadata tips
  • Creating viral growth strategies
  • PR and partnership advice
  • Building an engaged user community
  • Advertising strategies and creative
  • Analytics and retention techniques

Submit Your Guest Post

Submit Your Guest Post
Submit Your Guest Post

Ready to submit your proposed guest post? Send it over to info@coupanapk.com and our editors will review it within 3-5 business days. coupanapk@gmail.com

If your post is accepted, we’ll get back to you with an expected publishing date and any edits we’d like to include. We reserve the right to make small changes to align with our brand style and audience needs, but we’ll never heavily alter the core of your work.

Please avoid submitting guest posts that have already been published elsewhere, as we only accept original, unpublished content.

We look forward to sharing your unique expert insights with our readers! Our community is hungry for well-written, thoughtful guest posts that provide real value around mobile apps and games. So sharpen that writing and get submitting!

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Write For Us – Apps
  • Android Apps, Apple iOS Apps, and other Mobile Apps
  • Android App Development
  • Application Development Companies
  • Hybrid Apps, Web Apps, Native Apps
  • Application Reviews
  • Everything you need to know, including strategies, current trends, how-to guides, tips, tactics, and tricks!
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions we receive about contributing guest posts:

What are the main editorial guidelines I should follow?

Stick to our core topics of mobile apps and games. Offer actionable, factual advice. Write conversatively and professionally. Structure posts logically with formatting and headings. Back up claims with sources. Avoid repetition. Proofread closely. Send unpublished work only.

What happens after I submit a post?

Our editors will carefully review within 3-5 business days. If accepted, we’ll let you know the expected publishing date and any edits required. If we don’t respond after 5 days, please follow up. Sometimes good posts get accidentally overlooked in our busy inbox!

What kind of editing do you do?

We reserve the right to make minor edits for grammar, style, and clarity. We may change titles or subtitles to better match our brand. But we will stay true to the core content you provide.

Can I include links/mentions of my company, products, or services?

Yes, a 1-2 sentence bio with links is fine. But avoid overly promotional language, or trying to shoehorn in too many references just to get backlinks. Focus first on creating amazing content!

When will my post go live?

After accepting your submission, we’ll confirm the target publish date which is typically 3-5 business days out. This gives us time for final editing and scheduling social promotion.

Can I submit posts elsewhere too?

No, we only accept exclusive, original content unpublished on any other site or platform across the web. Our readers expect 100% unique articles.

What if you reject my guest post submission?

No sweat! We may provide notes so you can adjust the piece for other publications. You’re also welcome to craft a new post on another topic to submit. We know great ideas don’t always pan out as hoped. So keep trying!

We hope these FAQs provide more clarity around our guest posting process. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!


At Coupan APK, we’re creating an engaging community for mobile app and game users, developers, and creators. But we can’t do it without amazing content contributions from experts like yourself.

We welcome your well-researched, insightful guest posts that offer readers practical value on app/game topics. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your knowledge, grow your online influence, build backlinks, and connect with an audience eager to hear from you!

Our editorial team looks forward to reviewing your submissions. So polish up that draft and email it over today. We can’t wait to work with you!

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