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A screen recorder programme for Windows (PC) is called iTop Screen Recorder Pro by IObit. With the webcam, speaker, and window screen active, it can capture any area of the screen.
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10 January 2024
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Screen recording has grown increasingly popular, and many are using it to make video tutorials, presentations, and demonstrations for products. However, choosing the ideal screen recording program can take time since numerous options exist. In this article, we’ll be discussing the strengths of iTop Screen Recorder Pro Giveaway. This application claims to be a reliable and user-friendly solution for all your screen recording requirements.

The features included in ITop Screen Recorder Pro Giveaway

iTop Screen Recorder Pro has numerous characteristics that make it different from other screen recording programs. This includes:

  1. Multiple Recording Modes

When you use iTop Screen Recorder Pro, you can choose from a wide range of recording styles to suit your requirements. These include full-screen recording, customized area recording, webcam recording, and audio recording only.

  • 2. Customizable Recording Settings for Recording

iTop Screen Recorder Pro lets users alter their recording settings to meet your requirements. You can record at different sizes, frame rates, or bit rates based on your desired quality.

  • 3. Audio Recording

iTop Screen Recorder Pro allows users to record system sounds, microphone sounds, or both. This will enable you to make high-quality videos that have crystal-clear audio.

  • 4. Editing Videos

ITop Screen Recorder Pro allows you to edit videos immediately after you’ve recorded them. You can trim, cut, and join various parts of your video. You can also include captions or text and watermarks that protect your video.

  • 5. Easy Sharing

iTop Screen Recorder Pro makes it simple to share your video with other people. You can upload your video to social media websites such as YouTube or Vimeo or save your videos on your drive locally to share in the future.

iTop Screen Recorder 2024 License Key:

  • A8721-F44C4-BE539-3D144
  • D6549-D1973-DFFC9-BAC44
  • 7E65F-A67D4-6B322-BD9B4
  • 216F2-BD4E5-9EE93-E8CB4
  • 34496-2E614-9E1CB-2ABB4
  • 656ED-A6796-A49AE-9B644
  • E6944-C22EA-A5319-CBE43
  • FFFA1-47F38-DB288-73AB3
  • 4BC4F-3621C-5971C-E7EB3
  • DA68C-CABB1-F5123-13943
  • C2BA6-6DEEA-FBB54-D5A43
  • DA68C-CABB1-F5123-13943
  • C2BA6-6DEEA-FBB54-D5A43
  • A8721-F44C4-BE539-3D144
  • D6549-D1973-DFFC9-BAC44
  • 7E65F-A67D4-6B322-BD9B4
  • 216F2-BD4E5-9EE93-E8CB4
  • 34496-2E614-9E1CB-2ABB4
  • 656ED-A6796-A49AE-9B644
  • E6944-C22EA-A5319-CBE43
  • DA68C-CABB1-F5123-13943
  • C2BA6-6DEEA-FBB54-D5A43
  • II1PUDOEdluwI4hMT8PD-C2hyHdfYSCiG
  • jUL5UrJ3uVQsE9kiyxpg0-Ksf8wP5CeoW
  • h8cQPaHoSJjnjrCQK2N3-xRvoNxGoYh8v

iTop Screen Recorder 2024 Product Key:

  • r7m3ChRUAKW65E7jfV-IKTRltGvqTZ9my
  • F8OWQtdlhI5Swm1cKi-aR7vRYJ2ufGe53
  • c5FGSMqoRG7KDCHfK-nJKgMnkj5Y0Nwpn
  • LQSNAtQDSSLjohagG-GFQmNWfZ9Ex3a3j

iTop Screen Recorder 2024 Key:

  • w3L8DIM09zWJD9n-BqnvmuGcFxSmLjriY
  • 6MRwSoig7nJvvHO-LiMRlT2uostdDzmtG
  • 1hJzIBkxy6a82x2N-FnAxr1VUkDZMLyyJ
  • YoJVUlphHuuTs0D-QY2FZ6TvzJl2z74yP

iTop Screen Recorder Pro 2024 Activation Keys:

  • 2VZ6Z-2XKTT-8Y27U-3TLXW

iTop Screen Recorder Pro 2024 License Code:

  • FFFA1-47F38-DB288-73AB3
  • 1B19B-F41AB-CD6C6-F1243
  • 4BC4F-3621C-5971C-E7EB3
  • 1F2F6-5ED56-873A2-1E543
  • C2BA6-6DEEA-FBB54-D5A43
  • DA68C-CABB1-F5123-13943
License Key34496-2E614-9E1CB-2ABB4
Valid TillDecember 19, 2024
License Key656ED-A6796-A49AE-9B644
Valid TillDecember 19, 2024

Comparative analysis with other software for recording screens

  1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source software for screen recording, which users of games and creators of content love. Although OBS Studio is a great tool, it isn’t straightforward to set up and use. It needs some of the features in iTop Screen Recorder Professional, like easy editing of videos and sharing.

  • 2. Camtasia

Camtasia is a well-known screen recording and editing software extensively used in the field. It comes with high costs and might not be appropriate for small or individual companies looking for a low-cost solution.

  • 3. Snagit

Snagit is a screen-capture and recording program ideal for brief videos and tutorials. However, it needs to be equipped with certain iTop Screen Recorder Pro features, including customizing settings for recording and video editing.

List of iTop Data Recovery Pro License Key [20-February-2024]

iTop Data Recovery Pro Serial Code [Latest]:

  • 7187B-E7197-B247A-CAF43
  • BP8HF-5X2ZW-S8BYZ-QC943
  • E54F7-M6Z3P-4PSRQ-BSEF3

Itop Screen Recorder Pro Key

Step 1: Following the download, you will need iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 2: Install it on the Windows PC.

Step 3: Open the application. Select “Register” in the upper right corner.

ITop Screen Recorder Pro Register Now

Step 4: You can copy and paste your password to enable iTop Screen Recorder. You can then choose “Register.”

ITop Screen Recorder Pro Key

Step 5: Done. 

This is a fantastic screen recording program for longer than six months. Record your game experience or tutorials, as well as your presentation, effortlessly.

iTop Screen Recorder Pro Activation Keys

  • E6944-C22EA-A5319-CBE43
  • DA68C-CABB1-F5123-13943
  • C2BA6-6DEEA-FBB54-D5A43
  • 4BD23-95D43-C2B3F-7A243
  • A6313-9CA49-9B8B5-DC74
  • 9F62B-FE6CF-27E51-36F43

ITop Screen Recorder License Key 2024


7 September 2024

The Key Highlights that are part of iTop Screen Recorder
  1. Capture any part of your PC screen using a webcam and audio.
  2. Share and save videos of high-quality in just one click.
  3. Make stunning videos from your recordings using the built-in advanced editor.
  4. Each syllable spoken by the background, speaker, and microphone inside your headset is fully recorded.
  5. It is possible to take screenshots by pressing the hotkey when recording.
  6. In an attempt to satisfy various groups’ needs trying to meet the needs of different groups, more than twelve output formats can be supported to be saved and converted into other configurations you prefer.
  7. Video editing
  8. Record videos in 4K/1080p with no lag and without a time limitation.
  9. It is possible to record Video, Audio, and Webcam simultaneously.
  10. A top screen recorder is not just an ideal screen recorder but much more than that.


iTop Screen Recorder Pro is a dependable and user-friendly screen recording application that provides an array of options to meet your needs for recording. With customizable settings for recording, easy video editing, and sharing features, it’s an excellent choice for both individuals and businesses seeking an affordable solution to their screen recording requirements.


graph LR
A(iTop Screen Recorder Pro) –> B(Multiple Recording Modes)
A(iTop Screen Recorder Pro) –> C(Customizable Recording Settings)
A(iTop Screen Recorder Pro) –> D(Audio Recording)
A(iTop Screen Recorder Pro) –> E(Video Editing)
A(iTop Screen Recorder Pro) –> F(Easy Sharing)


  1. What exactly is ITop Screen Recorder Pro Giveaway?

    iTop Screen Recorder is a software program that lets users record and capture their computer’s screen. It’s flexible and user-friendly software with diverse recording modes, custom settings, and video editing options.

  2. What is the price of an iTop Screen Recorder cost?

    The price associated with iTop Screen Recorder varies depending on the plan of subscription you select. They offer monthly and annual plans with discounts on yearly subscriptions. Check their website for the most current prices.

  3. Can I test iTop Screen Recorder before buying it?

    The answer is yes. ITop Screen Recorder offers the opportunity to download a trial version for free that you can download and test before you purchase. The trial version has limitations but should provide you with a clear understanding of what the application can accomplish.

  4. What recording formats are available? iTop Screen Recorder offer?

    iTop Screen Recorder offers four recording options: full-screen recording, customized recordings of a specific area, Webcam Recording, and audio-only recording. You can select the option that best meets your recording requirements.

  5. What editing options does iTop Screen Recorder offer?

    iTop Screen Recorder provides various editing options for your video, including cutting, trimming, and joining different elements. It also lets you add captions, text, or watermarks to protect your video content.

  6. Can I transfer my recordings directly from iTop Screen Recorder?

    ITop Screen Recorder makes sharing your recorded videos straight from the application simple. You can upload your video to social media sites such as YouTube or Vimeo or save them on your drive to share later.

  7. Does iTop Screen Recorder safe to use?

    ITop Screen Recorder is secure to use as long as you get it downloaded on their official site or from authorized vendors. It is essential to be aware when downloading software from websites that are not affiliated with them to ensure that you do not download malicious software or virus.

What's new

iTop Screen Recorder is Your Free Screen Recorder Record any area of your screen while using your webcam and audio. Record videos in 4K/1080p without lagging or time restrictions. Utilise the in-built, sophisticated editor to produce beautiful videos. Recordings can be shared with one click by saving to MP4/AVI, etc.


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