Hunter Assassin Mod Apk v1.94.0 (MOD, Unlimited Gems) Free Android Download

Version: 1.94.0

As you develop, you will gain access to various characters, each of which with their own skills. The storyline in Hunter Assassin is quite superficial, which does not spoil the overall picture. All the actions in the game take place on intricate locations where you will have to destroy the targets while avoiding the lights of the searchlights and guards, but as shelters you can use literally everything from various objects to shadows.
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20 jan 2024
Version: 1.94.0
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Hunter Assassin is a popular iOS and Android action game developed by Ruby Game Studio. The game falls in the stickman genre and features simple yet addictive gameplay. In Hunter Assassin, the player takes control of a skilled stickman assassin armed with a sniper rifle and other weapons. The goal is to complete assassination missions by taking down various targets. Hunter Assassin Mod Apk As you progress, you unlock new weapons, locations, and additional challenging missions.

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Hunter Assassin MOD APK Game
Hunter Assassin MOD APK Game

The game is primarily single-player focused, though it also has PvP and co-op modes. Completing missions rewards you with coins and gems used for upgrades and unlocking weapons. Like most freemium games, progressing only through free rewards could be faster. This is where the Hunter Assassin Mod Apk app comes into play, which offers hacked features like unlimited money, all weapons unlocked, and more for free.

Key Features of Hunter Assassin Mod Apk

Some of the main advantages you get with the Hunter Assassin mod apk are:

Unlimited Coins and Gems

You get unlimited coins, primary currency, gems, and the premium currency in the game. This allows buying any weapon, location, and upgrades without worrying about costs.

All Weapons Unlocked

Over 40 weapons spanning sniper rifles, machine guns, knives, and grenades, usually requiring tens of hours of grind to earn, are unlocked from the start. Hunter Assassin Mod Apk This provides variety early.

All Missions Unlocked

You also get all 150+ missions unlocked across 30+ maps available immediately instead of reaching certain levels to unlock different contracts and challenges.

No Reload Time

Weapons have no reload time, allowing for continuous nonstop firing without irritating delays between shots. This gives a significant advantage during combat.

Enemy Slow Motion

An exclusive gameplay enhancement not in the original game is the ability to slow down time when aiming at enemies. Hunter Assassin Mod Apk This allows quickly taking down targets with headshots.

Unlimited Energy

Running, jumping, and shooting use energy that replenishes over time. You get unlimited energy with the mod, so you can play missions nonstop without rest breaks.

No Ads

All ads between missions that interrupt gameplay are removed so you can enjoy the game without any distractions.

Auto Aim

Manual aiming can be difficult on mobile devices. Hunter Assassin Mod Apk The mod provides an auto aim hack that automatically locks on the closest enemy and maintains aim.

Overall, the Hunter Assassin mod app provides all the weapons and perks for free, allowing you to wreak maximum carnage during missions.

How to Download and Install Hunter Assassin Mod Apk

Follow these simple steps to install Hunter Assassin mod apk on your Android device:

  1. Open your web browser on mobile and search for “Hunter Assassin mod apk”. Choose a trusted download site like Moddroid or Apkpure.
  2. Download the latest version of the Hunter Assassin mod APK file. Enable download if prompted by your browser.
  3. Go into Settings>Security and enable “Unknown Sources” permission. This will allow installing apps from external sources.
  4. After the download finishes, open File Manager on your device. Locate and tap on the Hunter Assassin mod apk file to install it.
  5. Accept all the permission requests during the first launch of the modded app. Allow it access to storage, microphone, etc. when prompted.
  6. If there are additional game data files to download, install them in the Android>obb folder.
  7. You can now open the Hunter Assassin mod app and log in to Facebook to sync your old account. Or create a new profile.
  8. Enjoy unlimited coins, unlocked weapons, and no reload time with the mod!
Hunter Assassin MOD APK latest Version
Hunter Assassin MOD APK latest Version

Tips to Get the Most Out of Hunter Assassin Mod

Here are some tips once you install the mod to maximize your hunting experience:

  • Buy and upgrade the Barret .50cal sniper rifle first for the most significant damage over a long range.
  • Equip night vision scope on sniper rifle for missions set at night. Allows seeing enemies clearly.
  • Use lures and disguises during stealth missions to avoid alerting enemies early.
  • Toggle slow motion by pressing the aim button for precise headshots.
  • Crouch by swiping down while walking for added stealth during concealment.
  • Use sword dash ability to quickly close distance and slash enemies by surprise.
  • Equip grenades and mines when dealing with multiple armored truck convoys or heavy units.
  • Attempt all side objectives and challenges in each mission for big coin rewards.
  • Complete Daily Ops for free mystery weapon crates with rare loot.

Enjoy unmatched action and combat freedom with the Hunter Assassin mod!

Benefits vs. Original Game

Compared to the original game, the benefits of using the Hunter Assassin mod include the following:

  • Saves countless hours of grind to unlock all weapons and missions for free.
  • No annoying wait for energy refill between missions; play endlessly.
  • Auto reload allows continuous firing without having to lift a finger.
  • Enemy slow motion assists in taking down targets quickly.
  • No ads ensure uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Thanks to the unlocked arsenal, the opportunity to try out any weapon on any mission.

However, the downsides are reduced motivation to play since everything is unlocked from the start and lack of long-term progression satisfaction. Hunter Assassin Mod Apk It’s ultimately a personal choice between quicker unrestricted access and a sense of achievement over the long term.

Potential Risks and Precautions

While mod apps offer many benefits, some precautions include:

  • Modifying app functionality can lead to an account ban, so avoid using online or leaderboards.
  • Downloaded files may contain malware, especially from unknown sources. So, scan all files before installing.
  • Mods are not officially supported and can potentially cause crashes or bugs.
  • Excessive cheating early on ruins enjoyment once the initial novelty wears off.

If you use the Hunter Assassin mod responsibly in offline mode only, it is relatively safe to enjoy unlocked weapons and unlimited coins for free.


To conclude, if you find the grind, ads, and weapon limitations of Hunter Assassin frustrating, the modded application offers complete freedom to swiftly enjoy the game’s missions and arsenal to their full potential. Unlimited money allows buying any weapon outright, while unlocked content lets you take on high-level missions directly without artificial constraints. Hunter Assassin Mod Apk It converts Hunter Assassin into a full-fledged assassination playground void of energy timers, costs, or weapon restrictions. Avoid misusing the unfair perks online, and have responsible fun wreaking mayhem with your overpowered stickman!

Hunter Assassin
Hunter Assassin

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