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Download the Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK v96.1.3818 MOD APK and enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. Anyone who wishes to block ads should download the free adblocker browser, Adblock & Private Browser. perhaps due to ranking.
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3 February 2024
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In the age of digital technology surfing the web without ads is virtually impossible. The internet is overloaded with ads that can disrupt the user experience and consume essential data. Ad-blockers are the perfect solution to play. The Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK is one of the most sought-after alternatives for Android or PC owners. This post will review the benefits, features and installation procedure of Fab AdBlocker browser Premium APK. Enjoy uninterrupted browsing with Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK. Everyone desires Adblock & Private Browser, a programme having an ad-blocking feature.

App NameFree Adblocker Browser
PublisherAdblock – Rocketshield Browser Technology Limited
Size198 MB
Latest Versionv96.1.3818
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Table of Contents

What is Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK?

What is Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK

The Fab AdBlocker browser premium APK ad blocker is specifically made to block all advertisements while surfing the web. It is compatible with Android and PC users. It is available for download from a variety of websites. This ad-blocker can be particularly helpful for those bothered by ads that pop up and want to stop them forever.

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How does it work?

The fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK blocks all kinds of ads when you browse the web. It uses customizable filters to block ads according to the size of their ads, what they are and their source. It also protects against malware and phishing attacks by blocking ads containing malware-related scripts and codes.

Key Features of Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK

Key Features of Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK

Ad Blocking Capabilities

Fantastic AdBlocker Browser Premium APK v96.1.3722 can block all kinds of ads, including banners, pop-ups, and video advertisements. These app block ads by identifying their size and type.

Lightweight and User-friendly Interface

The Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK is an intuitive and lightweight user interface that makes it user-friendly for advanced and novice users.

Compatibility with Multiple Browsers

Fantastic AdBlocker Browser Premium APK can be used with various browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Optimizing Performance and Speed

Optimizing Performance and Speed

The Fab AdBlocker browser Premium APK improves your browser’s browsing speed and performance by blocking all advertisements and reducing consumption. Download the Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK v96.1.3818 MOD APK and enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. With premium features unlocked, this APK provides a seamless and efficient online navigation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your browsing with Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK.

Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing Security

Fantastic AdBlocker Browser Premium APK protects against malware and phishing by blocking advertisements that include malware-infected scripts and codes.

Customizable filters

Fantastic AdBlocker Browser Premium Apk lets users customize filtering options to prevent ads based on their preferences.

Automatic Updates

The AdBlocker Fab Browser Premium APK constantly updates its ad filter and malware databases to protect users from the most recent threats.

How to Install Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK?
How to Install Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK

To install Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK, Follow these steps:

  1. Get this APK application from a trusted source.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” for your gadget, and then enable “Unknown sources” beneath”Security” under the “Security” selection.
  3. Find the APK file you downloaded. Locate the APK file and click on it to begin installing it.
  4. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation.
  5. After installing, you can launch the app and start browsing without ads.
Benefits of Using Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK

Improved Browsing Experience

Utilizing Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK will give you an enhanced browsing experience by removing annoying ads across your display. Advertisements can be annoying and slow your browsing. Installing Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK lets you browse more quickly and efficiently without interruptions. This enables you to focus on the content you’re attracted to and not be distracted by advertisements.

Reduction in Data Consumption

Another advantage of using Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK is that it lowers the amount of data consumed. Ads consume lots of data, which can be problematic in the case of a low-data plan. By using Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK, it is possible to save data charges and browse longer durations without having to worry about running out of data.

Improved Security and Privacy

Improved Security and Privacy

The fab AdBlocker The Browser Premium version offers increased security and privacy when browsing the web. It blocks ads that include malware-infested scripts and codes which could damage your device or even steal your data. This will ensure that you surf the web safely and without security issues.

Customizable Filters for Ads

The Fab AdBlocker Premium APK lets you modify the ad filters, which gives you greater control over the browsing experience. You can pick which kinds of ads you wish to block and what ones you’d like to let in. This lets you tailor your browsing experience according to your preferences and requirements.

Free Adblocker Browser

The Free Adblocker Browser is a revolutionary product that allows you to surf the web without the interruption of annoying ads. It’s a free and open-source software that not only blocks intrusive ads but also protects your privacy and data. This browser is designed to provide a faster, cleaner web experience. It supports websites by allowing Acceptable Ads by default, but this feature is configurable. The Free Adblocker Browser is available for various platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and for your Android and iOS devices. It’s a great tool for those who value efficiency and privacy in their online navigation.

How does the Free Adblocker Browser protect my privacy?

The Free Adblocker Browser protects your privacy in several ways:

  1. Blocking Intrusive Ads: It blocks annoying ads that often point to content of questionable value. This reduces the risk of “malvertising” infections.
  2. Blocking Trackers: It blocks third-party ad trackers that follow you around the Internet. This prevents companies from monitoring your online activity.
  3. Blocking Malicious Web Pages: It blocks web pages that contain malware, stops in-browser cryptojackers (unwanted cryptocurrency miners), and gives other malicious content the boot.
  4. Avoiding Tracking and Malware: With Adblock Plus avoiding tracking and malware is easy.

By using the Free Adblocker Browser, you can take control of your online experience and maintain your privacy.

Adblock Plus Mod APK

Adblock Plus Mod APK is a modified version of the popular ad-blocking app, Adblock Plus. This version comes with premium features unlocked, providing an enhanced browsing experience free from intrusive ads. It blocks all types of ads including video ads, rich media advertising, floating ads, and more. It also prevents pop-ups and pop-unders from cluttering your browser interface. The Adblock Plus Mod APK is a great tool for those who want to enjoy a clean, ad-free online reading and browsing experience.

What are some other features of Adblock Plus Mod APK?

Apart from blocking intrusive ads, Adblock Plus Mod APK offers several other features:

  1. Premium Unlocked: The Mod APK version comes with premium features unlocked.
  2. Optimized Graphics: It has optimized and zipaligned graphics for fast load.
  3. Privacy Protection: It disables and removes unwanted permissions, receivers, providers, and services.
  4. Ad Links Removed: It removes ad links and nullifies invoke methods.
  5. Audio/Video Ad Blocking: It blocks audio or video ads that auto-start when you visit certain websites.

These features enhance the user’s browsing experience by providing a clean, efficient, and private online environment.

Older versions of Free Adblocker Browser

Issues may arise when installing the latest version of an app on older devices due to system incompatibilities. It’s not unusual for newer versions of apps to be incompatible with your device. Until the app developer resolves the issue, consider using a previous version of the app. Suppose you need to revert to an earlier version of Free Adblocker Browser. In that case, you can find the app’s version history on the coupan apk, which includes all available file versions for download. You can download previous versions of Free Adblocker Browser for Android from Uptodown. Rest assured, any free version of Free Adblocker Browser available on Coupan APK is free of viruses and can be downloaded at no charge.

APK96.1.3726 Android + 7.0Feb 3, 2024

APK96.1.3724Android + 7.0Feb 1, 2024

APK96.1.3723 Android + 7.0Feb 1, 2024

APK96.1.3722Android + 7.0Jan 11, 2024

APK96.1.3721 Android + 7.0Jan 8, 2024

APK96.1.3720 Android + 7.0Dec 25, 2023

APK96.1.3719 Android + 7.0Dec 23, 2023

APK96.1.3718Android + 7.0Dec 9, 2023

APK96.1.3717Android + 7.0Dec 10, 2023

96.1.3718 Android + 7.0Dec 9, 2023

96.1.3717 Android + 7.0Dec 10, 2023

96.1.3716 Android + 7.0Dec 9, 2023

96.1.3715 Android + 7.0Dec 9, 2023

96.1.3714 Android + 7.0Dec 3, 2023

96.1.3710 Android + 7.0Nov 24, 2023

96.1.3709 Android + 7.0Nov 29, 2023

96.1.3706 Android + 7.0Nov 16, 2023

96.1.3705 Android + 7.0Nov 16, 2023

96.1.3700 Android + 7.0Oct 28, 2023

96.1.3699 Android + 7.0Oct 28, 2023

96.1.3696 Android + 7.0Oct 24, 2023

96.1.3695 Android + 7.0Oct 22, 2023

96.1.3688 Android + 6.0Sep 6, 2023

96.1.3687 Android + 6.0Sep 12, 2023

96.1.3686 Android + 6.0Aug 18, 2023

96.1.3685 Android + 6.0Aug 11, 2023

96.1.3684 Android + 6.0Aug 1, 2023

96.1.3683 Android + 6.0Aug 4, 2023

96.1.3682 Android + 6.0Jul 8, 2023

96.1.3681 Android + 6.0Jul 9, 2023

96.1.3678 Android + 6.0Jun 20, 2023

96.1.3677 Android + 6.0Jun 21, 2023

96.1.3676 Android + 6.0Jun 11, 2023

96.1.3675 Android + 6.0Jun 12, 2023

96.1.3674 Android + 6.0Jun 8, 2023

96.1.3672 Android + 6.0Jun 7, 2023

96.1.3671 Android + 6.0Jun 8, 2023

96.1.3670 Android + 6.0Jun 1, 2023

96.1.3668 Android + 6.0May 30, 2023

96.1.3667 Android + 6.0Jun 1, 2023

96.1.3664 Android + 6.0May 26, 2023

96.1.3662 Android + 6.0May 23, 2023

96.1.3661Android + 6.0May 25, 2023

96.1.3660Android + 6.0May 22, 2023

96.1.3656Android + 6.0May 9, 2023

96.1.3655Android + 6.0May 11, 2023

96.1.3654Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.1.3652Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.1.3651Android + 6.0Apr 21, 2023

96.1.3650Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123644Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123643Android + 6.0Apr 15, 2023

96.0.2016123642Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123638Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123637Android + 6.0Apr 10, 2023

96.0.2016123636Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123635Android + 6.0Apr 3, 2023

96.0.2016123634Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123633Android + 6.0Mar 29, 2023

96.0.2016123632Android + 6.0Mar 13, 2023

96.0.2016123631Android + 6.0Mar 14, 2023

96.0.2016123628Android + 6.0Jul 8, 2023

96.0.2016123626Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123625Android + 6.0Feb 23, 2023

96.0.2016123624Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123623Android + 6.0Feb 9, 2023

96.0.2016123622Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123620Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123618Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123617Android + 6.0Jan 25, 2023

96.0.2016123616Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123615Android + 6.0Jan 25, 2023

96.0.2016123614Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123613Android + 6.0Mar 15, 2023

96.0.2016123612Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123611Android + 6.0Mar 27, 2023

96.0.2016123610Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123609Android + 6.0Jan 3, 2023

96.0.2016123608Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123607Android + 6.0Jan 15, 2023

96.0.2016123606Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123605Android + 6.0Dec 20, 2022

96.0.2016123604Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123602Android + 6.0Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123601Android + 6.0 Dec 13, 2022

96.0.2016123600Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123599Android + 6.0Jan 1, 2023

96.0.2016123598Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123597Android + 6.0 Dec 30, 2022

96.0.2016123596Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123595Android + 6.0 Nov 21, 2022

96.0.2016123594Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123593Android + 6.0 Nov 11, 2022

96.0.2016123592Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123590Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123589Android + 6.0 Nov 2, 2022

96.0.2016123588Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123587Android + 6.0 Oct 28, 2022

96.0.2016123586Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123582Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123581Android + 6.0 Oct 15, 2022

96.0.2016123580Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123579Android + 6.0 Oct 5, 2022

96.0.2016123578Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123577Android + 6.0 Sep 23, 2022

96.0.2016123575Android + 6.0 Sep 22, 2022

96.0.2016123574Android + 6.0 Sep 22, 2022

96.0.2016123573Android + 6.0 Sep 15, 2022

96.0.2016123572Android + 6.0

96.0.2016123570Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123569Android + 6.0 Aug 31, 2022

96.0.2016123568Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123566Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123565Android + 6.0 Aug 19, 2022

96.0.2016123564Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123562Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123560Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123559Android + 6.0 Aug 13, 2022

96.0.2016123556Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123554Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123552Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123550Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123549Android + 6.0 Jul 21, 2022

96.0.2016123548Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123547Android + 6.0 Jul 25, 2022

96.0.2016123546Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123545Android + 6.0 Jul 6, 2022

96.0.2016123544Android + 6.0 Jul 7, 2023

96.0.2016123543Android + 6.0 Jul 6, 2022


The Fab AdBlocker browser Premium APK is an excellent tool for people who wish to enhance their browsing experience and reduce data usage. It gives you a safe and reliable browsing experience, blocking advertisements and defending against phishing and malware attacks. Its adjustable filters and automatic updates will ensure that you are always safe from the most recent threats when you surf the web.


Are Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK available for free use?

It’s a premium application, and you must purchase it to utilize it.

Does Fab AdBlocker Browser Premium APK available on iOS devices?

It’s only available to Android and PC users.

Can The Fab AdBlocker, the Browser Premium APK block any advertisements?

Yes, it effectively blocks any advertisement, including pop-ups, banners, and videos.

Can I modify the filters for ads in Fab AdBlocker Premium APK?

You can alter the ad filters to block ads according to your preferences.

Does the fab AdBlocker Browser Premium Apk affect your browsing speeds?

It will improve your browsing experience by eliminating unneeded ads that slow your browsing speed.

Is AdBlock premium free?

No, AdBlock Premium is not free. It offers additional features and customizations only available to AdBlock supporters.

Is total AdBlock 100% free?

Total AdBlock offers a free trial for ad-blocking via Chrome extension, iOS, or Android. However, some features can only be accessed with a fee.

How do I get AdBlock premium?

You can get AdBlock Premium by installing AdBlock, then visiting the AdBlock Premium enrollment page.

Is there a totally free AdBlocker?

Yes, there are totally free AdBlockers. For example, AdBlock Plus is free and open-source. AdBlock is also free.

Which AdBlock is best?

The best AdBlock varies depending on individual needs. Some of the best AdBlockers include AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, and AdBlocker Ultimate.

Is AdBlock virus free?

Yes, the official AdBlock is virus-free. However, if you install AdBlock from anywhere else, it may contain adware or malware.

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