Drag Racing Mod Apk 4.1.3 (MOD, Unlimited Money) Free Download for Android

Version: 4.1.3

I can't provide assistance with obtaining modded versions of apps, including Pro Series Drag Racing Mod Apk. Engaging in such activities may violate terms of service, compromise the security of your device, and lead to various issues. It's important to use apps and games responsibly and within the boundaries set by their developers. If you have any questions about the legitimate features or usage of Pro Series Drag Racing, I'd be happy to help within ethical and legal boundaries.
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January 19, 2024
Version: 4.1.3
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Drag Racing Mod Apk is one of the most popular forms of motorsport that involves racing specialized high-performance automobiles down a straight quarter-mile or sometimes eighth-mile track. It tests a driver’s reaction time and a vehicle’s acceleration from a standing start. Drag racing has a cult following among car enthusiasts who enjoy modifying and tuning cars for maximum performance.

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Drag Racing
Drag Racing

Racing game enthusiasts adored Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing game because of its realistic physics and customizable automobile features. The original game has over 100 licensed cars from famous manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc. Players can upgrade various parts of the cars, like the engine, turbo, tires, gearbox, and more, to make them faster. The game features detailed tuning options that car enthusiasts love.

What is Drag Racing Mod Apk?

A version of the original game Often shortened to mod apk, modified software is a third-party-modified version of the original game or application that offers new features or allows access to premium content. Mods are developed and distributed outside of official platforms like the Google Play Store. Mod apps allow users to get the premium features of a game for free, which are usually hidden behind in-app purchases and ads.

For the Drag Racing game, mod apps have been developed that unlock all cars, infinite money, free upgrades, and other hacks that provide enhanced gameplay. However, there are some disadvantages to using modded apps related to security and app stability. But most mods are safe to use if they are downloaded from trusted sources.

Features of Drag Racing Mod Apk

Here are some of the useful mods and hacks provided by the Drag Racing mod apk:

Unlimited Money: You get unlimited in-game cash to buy new cars and upgrades without worrying about the costs. This allows you to unlock all the expensive cars and max out their parts for the best performance.

All Cars Unlocked: The modified app comes with all the 100+ cars unlocked. You don’t need to progress through the game to buy new cars. You can drive any car right from the start.

Free Upgrades: All stage upgrades for different parts like engines, turbos, NOS, tires, etc. are available for free. You can max out every car to its full potential without spending money.

No Ads: The modded apk has no ads between races and menus. You get uninterrupted gameplay and can focus on just racing without annoying ads.

Unlimited Fuel: Your car’s fuel never runs out, so you can play as much as you want non-stop without waiting for a fuel refill.

Racing Bonuses: Some moderators provide racing bonuses, like extra cash or reputation points, to help you progress faster in the game.

Hack Drag Racing
Hack Drag Racing

How to Download and Install Drag Racing Mod Apk

The modded apk is not available on the Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded from third-party sources. Here are the steps to install it correctly on your device:

  1. Go to trusted sources like ModApkMirror, HappyMod, ApkPure, etc., and search for ‘Drag Racing Mod Apk’. Download the latest working version.
  2. Enable ‘Install from unknown sources’ in your Android settings if it is not already enabled. This allows installing apps from sources other than the Play Store.
  3. Install the downloaded apk file on your device. Make sure to uninstall any previous version of the original game before installing the modded one.
  4. Allow all the required permissions. The app may ask for additional storage or network access permissions for all features to work properly.
  5. The modded app is now installed. Optionally, you can verify the apk certificate fingerprints match between the original and modded versions for authenticity.
  6. Open the Drag Racing mod app, log in with your previous game account, or create a new profile, and start enjoying unlimited money and unlocked cars for free!

Tips to Use Drag Racing Mod Apk

Here are some tips to get the best experience after installing the mod apk:

  • Start with less powerful cars and progress towards supercars to enjoy the game more
  • Tune your cars carefully for the best performance instead of random upgrades
  • Use money to buy rare import cars directly instead of spending on crates
  • Increase difficulty as you progress to make racing more challenging
  • Use external controllers for better control instead of touchscreen
  • Turn off automatic shifting and use manual transmission
  • Compete in online races once you’ve tuned your car well
  • Customize each car with different paints, rims, and interiors

Important Things to Keep in Mind

While mod apks open up many possibilities, keep these important things in mind:

  • Do not update the modded app when original game updates are released. It will undo all modded features.
  • Always download mods from trusted sources only to avoid malware risks.
  • Mod apks are not officially supported. You may encounter occasional bugs and crashes.
  • Use at your own risk. Modding games is against most developers’ terms of service.
  • Multiplayer and online features may not work correctly in modded versions.
  • Excessive money and car unlocks can make the game boring for some people.
Drag Racing Mod Apk Latest Version

Assist with providing information or guidance on downloading modded versions of apps, including the latest version of Drag Racing Mod Apk. It’s important to obtain apps from official and reputable sources to ensure the security of your device and the integrity of the app. If you have any questions about the legitimate features or updates of Drag Racing, I’d be happy to help within ethical and legal boundaries.

Pro Series Drag Racing Mod Apk

However, I can summarize that Pro Series Drag Racing is a mobile racing game for Android devices that allows users to customize and race drag cars. The “mod” version often refers to a modified version of an app that unlocks paid content or provides other enhancements. As an AI assistant without direct access to the app, I cannot provide more specific details or content directly. Please let me know if you need a high-level summary of the topic, but I cannot reproduce potentially copyrighted material verbatim.


The Drag Racing mod apk allows you to win races and unlock cars and upgrades instantly for free, which otherwise requires grinding or money. This enhances the game experience greatly for car enthusiasts who want to build their dream garage and compete without waiting or paying. But keep in mind the risks and downsides involved while using any modded application. Drag Racing mod apk Overall, the Drag Racing mod apk offers an excellent unlimited money hack alongside unlocked cars to sandbox the game. It’s a must-have for gearheads who want to customize and experiment with the best cars in the game.

Drag Racing game
Drag Racing game

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Q: Is the Drag Racing mod apk safe to download?

A: If downloaded from trusted sources, Drag Racing mod apk it is generally safe. However, you should always scan any downloaded files for malware before installing.

Q: Will I get banned for using the mod apk?

A: Most developers discourage modding games as it violates their Terms of Service. Drag Racing mod apk There is a possibility your account may get banned, but the risk is low if used wisely.

Q: Does the mod work on both Android and iOS?

A: Unfortunately, modding is only possible on Android devices and not iOS due to system restrictions.

Q: What are the best cars to use with unlimited money?

A: Good starter cars include the Mustang GT, Nissan GT-R R35, and BMW M4. For top-tier cars, look for Koenigsegg, Bugatti, McLaren, and Pagani.

Q: Can I play online multiplayer with the mod apk?

A: It’s not recommended as it may give you an unfair advantage or cause issues. Only play single-player with the hacked version.

Q: Will my game progress be saved if I switch to the original app?

A: Yes, your progress is linked to your game account and will carry over between the modded and original apps.

Q: Is tuning necessary, or can I just max out upgrades randomly?

Proper tuning is important to get optimal performance from cars. Don’t just max out upgrades blindly.

Q: How do I update the mod when a new version is released?

You’ll have to download the latest mod apk again when an update shows up. Do not update the original app before that.

Q: Is there a way to get unlimited fuel along with unlimited money?

A: Yes, some mod versions provide both unlimited money and fuel hacks together.

What's new

The first of its kind racing game built on a physics engine with a wide customization. Build the car of your dreams and use the unlimited possibilities of personalization, which style to choose-it's up to you. Will it be early Pro Stock clones, Super Stock,Stance, Gassers or something else In the game you will find: * Racing tracks 1/4 and 1/2 miles * Competitions with real players • Various tracks, ranging from race tracks to country roads * Huge selection of spare parts * RPG-style tuning * Dino settings, gearbox settings • Beautiful graphics * Realistic characteristics of cars and engines * Ability to fine-tune the suspension * Possibility to use both automatic and manual transmission with clutch pedal • Weekly tournaments with great prizes * Active community of players VARIOUS TYPES OF RACES Realistic Drag mode built on a physical model! Races 1/4 and 1/2 miles long! Tournaments, time trials and races with real players! Sharpen your skills and become the best driver in your class! VARIOUS CARS JDM, musclecars, old-fashioned and many other cars! Find your favorite car in our showroom among more than 150 racing cars! TEAMS WITH REAL DRIVERS You will always find someone to compete with in the game! Check in with any player via chat or participate in tournaments! You can always team up with a strong reckless riders like you! Take over territories and defeat bosses together! Promote your League title and build up your influence among other players! UPGRADE YOUR CAR Use blueprints to improve 38 parts of your car! Upgrade and tune your dream car for drag! Are you ready to overtake sport cars? Here you can create unique car with unique behavior on the track! UNIQUE PAINTING Your ride deserves a cool painting! Use built-in vinyls and arrange them as you want or create a unique look of your car with the editor! A huge variety of unique colors in the game will amaze your imagination and will not leave without attention the most sophisticated artists!


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