Carrom Pool MOD APK v15.2.3 (Unlimited Coins and Gems, Aim 2024)


Elevate your carrom skills with the modded version of Carrom Pool. Unleash powerful strikes, unlock exclusive features, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.
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October 24, 2023
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Immerse yourself in the world of Carrom Pool Mod APK, where every strike is a step closer to victory. Experience enhanced gameplay, new features, and endless fun.


Embark on an extraordinary carrom gaming journey with Carrom Pool Mod APK. This modified version of the popular game brings a new level of excitement and features to the classic board game, enhancing your gaming experience like never before.

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New Carrom Pool Mod Apk
New Carrom Pool Mod Apk

Details about Carrom Pool Mod Apk

VersionModified edition with additional features
CompatibilityAndroid devices running OS 4.4 and above
SizeCompact size for quick and easy installation
In-App PurchasesUnlocked premium features for free
SecurityEnhanced encryption for user data protection

Carrom Pool Mod App Features

1. Unlimited Coins and Gems

Unlock a treasure trove of in-game currency to enhance your gaming experience.

2. Enhanced Striking Power

Take your shots to the next level with increased striking power and precision.

3. Ad-Free Gaming

Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without the annoyance of ads.

4. Exclusive Themes and Boards

Explore a variety of themes and boards to customize your gaming environment.

5. Instant Victory

Master the game with the option to instantly win matches and showcase your skills.

New carrom pool Game 2023
New carrom pool Game 2023

Carrom Pool App vs. Carrom Pool Mod App Comparison

FeatureCarrom Pool AppCarrom Pool Mod App
In-App PurchasesYesNo (Unlocked for free)
Striking PowerStandardEnhanced
Ad-Free GamingLimitedYes
Themes and BoardsBasicExclusive customization
Instant VictoryNoYes
Exploring Carrom Pool Content Coverage

Delve into an expansive world of carrom gaming with Carrom Pool Mod APK. From casual matches to competitive tournaments, the modded version offers a comprehensive gaming experience for players of all levels.

Explore the vast world of carrom games by downloading the Carrom Pool Mod APK. The modified version provides players of all skill levels with an extensive gaming experience, ranging from casual matches to competitive tournaments. Download the Carrom Pool Mod APK to explore the wide universe of carrom games. With the updated version, gamers of all skill levels may enjoy a wide range of gaming activities, from friendly matches to intense competitions.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk Pros and Cons
Free access to premium featuresSecurity risks from third-party sources
Enhanced striking capabilitiesPotential device instability
Ad-free gaming experienceLimited official support
Exclusive customization optionsUpdates may require manual installation
Instant victory optionNot available on official app stores
Carrom Pool Mod Apk Latest Version

Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned carrom enthusiast, Carrom Pool Mod Apk guarantees a dynamic and enjoyable gaming adventure. Download now to experience the epitome of carrom mastery, where every strike and pocket is a step closer to victory in the latest version.

Carrom Pool Apk

Challenge friends or play against opponents worldwide, showcasing your skills in this digital version of the popular game. Customize your carrom board and pieces, unlock new levels, and enjoy the thrill of striking for victory. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, Carrom Pool Apk offers endless fun and entertainment.


In conclusion, Carrom Pool Mod APK takes the classic game to new heights with added features and enhanced gameplay. While the mod provides exciting benefits, users should exercise caution when downloading from unofficial sources to ensure the security of their devices.

carrom pool Game
carrom pool Game

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to download Carrom Pool Mod APK?

Yes, but it’s essential to download from reputable sources to avoid security risks.

Can I use Carrom Pool Mod APK on iOS devices?

No, the modded version is currently only compatible with Android devices.

Are there any legal concerns with using the modded version?

Using modded apps is legal, but some features may violate the original game’s terms of service.

Do I lose my progress when switching to the modded version?

Progress is usually retained, but it’s recommended to backup data to avoid any potential loss.

Can I play Carrom Pool Mod APK offline?

Yes, the modded version supports offline gameplay, providing uninterrupted fun.

What's new

Carrom Disc Pool is an easy-to-play multiplayer board game. Pot all your pieces before your opponent. Can you become the best at this Carrom Board game? With simple gameplay, smooth controls and great physics, travel around the world and play against worthy opponents. Are you up for the challenge? This game has multiple popular variants across the globe. Some to the most famous ones are Korona, Couronne, Bob, Crokinole, Pichenotte and Pitchnut. Customise your pieces with a huge variety of unlock-able items! Show off your style to players from all over the world! Features: ► Play a brand new 2v2 game mode. Play classic 4 player carrom matches with your family and friends ► Enjoy voice and video chat while playing a match. This feature is accessible to Carrom Pass owners only ► Try your luck at opening the lucky box. Get a free attempt on a daily basis and see how many free rewards you can unlock. ► Weekly new time-limited events that will keep you hooked. Play more to win more. ► Spin the wheel and unlock premium strikers, pucks and much more ►Play multiplayer matches in 3 game modes: Carrom, Free Style and Disc Pool ►Play with your friends. ►Compete with top players. ►Try your luck at free daily golden shot and win big prizes. ►Play around the world in glorious arenas. ►Smooth controls and realistic physics. ►Unlock a wide range of strikers and pucks. ►Win free victory chests with exciting rewards. ►Upgrade your strikers and unleash frenzy. ►Supports offline play. Challenge your friends in one-on-one matches and show what you are worth!


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